Junior High School Students Create Social Networking Sites - Salingsapa.com

Junior High School Students Create Social Networking Sites - Salingsapa.com.
Ask anyone around you, there is not familiar with social networking site made by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Facebook? In fact, because too many Facebook users in the world, many mobile phones also appear with features to facilitate this social networking site. And also emerging of a social networking site similar but different, trying to exist, including in Indonesia.

But, perhaps this is one that we can very proud of. Social networking sites like facebook has been present in Indonesia with the creator is a kid who still was a teenager. More precisely 13 years.

Junior High School Students Create Social Networking Sites - Salingsapa.com

Mohammed Yahya Harlan, students in grade 7A (1 SMP), Sekolah Alam Bandung, is the name of the creator of the site, with SalingSapa.com is the name of the site that he made.

Initially, John, moved to create a social network similar to the FB, but in Indonesian language. And only within one month, created Salingsapa.com. In such a short enough time, John makes a full social networking site features a slightly different with FB.

"At first I see on the news, there are people who make such a FB Indonesia with the Indonesian language. Then I thought, I can also make the same and even better," said Yahya, the location of the school in the Upper Dago.

Junior High School Students Create Social Networking Sites

The eldest son of the couple Yan Harlan (45) and Fidriana (37) was also started tinkering with his computer for designing the features of social networking that will be made such. Assisted by his father who is also a hobby computer, Yahya request feature ideas that would make.

The work of students who liked this science subjects has received appreciation from various parties. In fact he became one of the 3 junior high school students who will deliver his presentation before faculty and students of ITB.

According Fidriana, his son asked to describe his work for 20 minutes and 10 minutes for question and answer session. There is no special preparation by Yahya despite this the first time he had to appear in public especially in the presence of faculty and students. He believes his son is able because social networking is purely the work of Yahya despite assistance from his father's idea.

Fidriana also said Yahya interest in computers has been seen since the age of three years. At that time, he was fiddling with a computer owned by his father. Due to the great interest, Yahya had come a few computer lessons including lessons on Komlab ITB join the participants most of the students.

"He always wanted to learn a new computer, so while participating les, he joined several training packages that all student participants," said Fidriana met at his residence in Awi Ligar, Cimenyan, Bandung regency.

So also know her eldest son to create social networking, she and her husband only supports and directs that such work would be great if beneficial for many people.

"Therefore, this Salingsapa intended for proselytizing and kindness. Our hope, with the creation of social networking as a field John is also a charity," said Yahya Fidriana constant monitoring in order to remain able to set the time between studying and taking care of these social networking.

So for those of you who wish to join in salingsapa.com follow immediately wrote to the location, click the link below. And do not forget to invite your friends!

But, some time ago Salingsapa.com is inaccessible because of too much access.

Salingsapa.com here.


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