Malaysia Secretly Release Six Thousand Heads of Transgenic Mosquitoes

Shocking news comes from the report of the Institute for Medical Research (IMR), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, turned out secretly release as many as six thousand heads of transgenic mosquitoes, which developed to fight dengue fever on 21 December. Same with the release of mosquitoes that have been genetically modified in the Caribbean and Cayman in 2009 and 2010, the release of mosquitoes are surprising many people and sparked pro-cons.

In Malaysia, the mosquito which is made by Oxitec, a British company that is the biology of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes - mosquitoes carrying dengue virus causes dengue fever - a sterilized male. When a female Aedes mosquito mating with male-sterile males, they do not have offspring. The hope, the mosquito population will drop.

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Canalys: Q4 2010, OS Android shifts the Symbian

Canalys: Q4 2010, OS Android shifts the Symbian - It did not take long for Android to shift the position of power in the smartphone operating system, Symbian.

Launched by Reuters on Tuesday (01/02/2011), in the last quarter of 2010, Google's Android has taken over the position of Symbian Nokia which had long been leading the smartphone operating system market in the world.

These data revealed by the research firm Canalys. According to research firm that, in the fourth quarter 2010 smartphone vendors have come together and poured approximately 32.9 million units of Android phones.

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Ferry on Fire, Survivors 427 People

Ferry on fire, survivors 427 people - The number of passengers survived the KMP Sea Ferries Ship Pacific II a fire on Friday (1/28/2011) early days as many as 427 people.

"The data as we received, the number of passengers as many as 427 people who survived and 12 died," said Head of Security and Control Unit and Coast Guard Banten M Amin, on Friday (28/01/2011).

Amin said the number of passengers who survived or died of confirmed victims increased because the search is still underway. During this time the received data is still provisional and not yet valid.

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Markus - Bona Paputungan Download, Markus Song's Lyrics

Markus - Bona Paputungan download, Markus song's lyrics.
Perhaps there are those among us who think that Bona Paputungan famous with the song Andai Aku jadi Gayus creations as well as sing it, it's just a coincidence. Because it coincided with skyrocketing name of Gayus the Indonesian community in the spotlight because the case lately.

But for a Bona Paputungan's talent in creating songs, that's another story. For seven months in custody, apparently Bona Paputungan not only create a song Andai Aku jadi Gayus, but he also created 10 other songs.

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Rejecting Cars & Houses Luxury, Bona Hold Reza Peterpan

Rejecting Cars & Houses Luxury, Bona Hold Reza Peterpan - Who would have thought to result from a simple song but taxable at the heart of society, now Bona Paputungan became a celebrity in Indonesia. In fact, since his name skyrocketed thanks to the song Andai Aku Jadi Gayus, Bona Paputungan received many offers from various management and label. He was getting the lure of home and luxury cars.

Despite many offers are very tempting, but do not want to hocus-pocus, Bona rejected all these offers. He now chose coupled with drummer Peter, Reza.

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Nuclear Experts Examine Radiation 'UFO trail' Sleman

Nuclear experts examine radiation 'UFO trail' Sleman - Strangeness of the phenomenon of crop circles in Sleman, DIY, do not make the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) Yogyakarta stay silent. Today, they sent a team to the location.

Secretariat Staff BATAN Yogyakarta, Agus Pitoyo confirmed, there is a team that went to rice fields in the hamlet Krasakan, Jogotirto Village. The team environmental section, he said, had just departed.

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Justin Bieber Going to Indonesia

Who is not going to happy with this news one. The news that a young singer who is loved around the world, especially the female fans, Justin Bieber going to Indonesia. Or more precisely Justin Bieber to Jakarta on April 23, 2011.

News of Justin Bieber to Indonesia began blowing from twitter promoter Justin, namely Marygops Studios. "Justin Bieber is Confirmed - LIVE @ SICC, April 23rd '11! Presented by @ marygopsstudios," such as it is written on the official page of the promoter Twitter account.

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Fighting of Julia Perez vs Dewi Perssik

Fighting of Julia Perez vs Dewi Perssik - Many people wonder why the artist Julia Perez and Dewi Perssik act childish by extending their feud. Is it a way to boost their popularity, as do the artists preceding plural? There is no definitive answer about that.

To be sure, the hostility that began during the filming of Arwah Goyang Karawang played Julia Perez and Dewi Perssik. A video about the their fight appeared on the internet. Looks Dewi Persik and Jupe, so Julia Perez was called, there is room in a narrow alley. Then they fight. Originally the fight was in accordance with the scenario. But, after both slamming each other, Dewi Perssik kicking Jupe. But his shot on the empty room. Jupe was sent a reply to blows. His fights become uncontrollable.

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Nurdin Turun Dong - Lyric and Video Clip

Nurdin Turun Dong - Lyric and Video Clip. Song titled "Nurdin Turun Dong" is now circulating on the internet. As we know, that earlier song "Andai Aku Jadi Gayus Tambunan" also had circulated and became the talk at various community sites on the Internet, either on facebook, twitter and the forums.

Just as Gayus Song, Song "Nurdin Turun Dong" is also expected to be a broad discussion on the Internet, although so far the song is not so much known by the netter. But in the next few days, this song is also going to be hits.

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Michelle Obama is Pregnant

Michelle Obama is pregnant"!! According to CelebDirtyLaundry, The White House announced today that Michelle Obama is pregnant with the couple’s third child. Her husband President Barack Obama, 49 is ecstatic!”

“She’s about two months into her pregnancy and the President and First Lady expect to have the baby sometime in late July, 2011.” it was said by White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs when told reporters in Hawaii today.

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