Libyan Revolution: Dozens of Protesters Massacred Sniper

Libyan Revolution: Dozens of protesters massacred Sniper - Demonstration effect reforms in Egypt not only resulted in area of Egypt only, but also in other countries. Having the courage of the people of Egypt to overthrow his government, turn to other countries who want to follow in the footsteps of Egypt. One of them is the country of Libya.

Like most in the country of Egypt, the raging storm of the revolution in Libya was asking a lot of the casualties. Dozens of demonstrators were massacred security forces in Benghazi, the second largest city after Tripoli.

Libyan Revolution: Dozens of protesters massacred Sniper

Benghazi is situated about 1,000 km east of Tripoli, a stronghold of the opponents of President Moammar Gaddafi, compared to all other regions in the country. Until now, no sign of the revolution spreading throughout the country.

An eyewitness said they were killed by the snipers. "Dozens are killed ... not 15, but dozens. We're in the middle area of the massacre here," said the witness. He said being worked together to bring the victims to the nearest hospital.

Libyan government banned foreign journalists into the country since an attempt to overthrow Gaddafi vibrant. Description of the witnesses were difficult to independently verified.

According to witnesses, the defense apparatus to build the dike about 50 feet, surrounding the command post. Anyone who is approached, they shoot.

Witnesses also said the demonstrators were killed after attempting to enter the command post. The snipers fired at them from the control tower and a number of places it near the command post.

Human Rights Watch, the NGO based in New York, previously mentioned, already 84 people were killed during the demonstrations last three days.


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