Rejecting Cars & Houses Luxury, Bona Hold Reza Peterpan

Rejecting Cars & Houses Luxury, Bona Hold Reza Peterpan - Who would have thought to result from a simple song but taxable at the heart of society, now Bona Paputungan became a celebrity in Indonesia. In fact, since his name skyrocketed thanks to the song Andai Aku Jadi Gayus, Bona Paputungan received many offers from various management and label. He was getting the lure of home and luxury cars.

Despite many offers are very tempting, but do not want to hocus-pocus, Bona rejected all these offers. He now chose coupled with drummer Peter, Reza.

"I chose him from some others. Not be separated from the lighter breath, in every decision I always reassuring. And when I opened my eyes, my choice fell to him, "Bona said during a visit to the editorial office JAKARTA, Tuesday (01/25/2011).

Bona said he was not familiar with all the labels and management that have been approached, how the work patterns and their backgrounds. He claimed close to Reza since in Gorontalo.

"Reza is a close friend of my in Gorontalo. I think other people feel a lot better than the same time he wrote, because it already knows, too, " said Bona added.

Now Bona too busy to do the promos that are running. He added that he did not expect anything with the rise of the song. He just let it flow away.



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