Nuclear Experts Examine Radiation 'UFO trail' Sleman

Nuclear experts examine radiation 'UFO trail' Sleman - Strangeness of the phenomenon of crop circles in Sleman, DIY, do not make the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) Yogyakarta stay silent. Today, they sent a team to the location.

Secretariat Staff BATAN Yogyakarta, Agus Pitoyo confirmed, there is a team that went to rice fields in the hamlet Krasakan, Jogotirto Village. The team environmental section, he said, had just departed.

"To examine, for example, there is exposure to radiation or not in rice, or on the ground," Agus said when contacted VIVAnews, Tuesday, January 25, 2011.

To investigate the radiation, ICRP team worked with experts from the Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency of Indonesia (Bapeten).

Explained Agus, checks can be done using radiation detection equipment brought into the field. "Or to bring samples of soil, rice to the laboratory," he explained.

Some speculation about the cause chases the first crop circle formation in Indonesia. Some suspect it's because of natural factors such as tornado, associated the presence of high voltage overhead lines (Previous page), man-made, or even linked with a UFO landing.

Institute of Aviation and Space Agency (LAPAN) today also sent a team to Sleman, Yogyakarta. The goal, examining crop circle, whether it's just a human invention or something to do with UFOs.

A team of experts sent by the Head of the Center for Utilization of Science LAPAN, Sri Kaloka Prabotosari and Nizam Ahmad.

"We want to see rice stem fragments. We'll see whether it's manmade or not," said Sri Kaloka when contacted separately, on Tuesday morning.



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