Fighting of Julia Perez vs Dewi Perssik

Fighting of Julia Perez vs Dewi Perssik - Many people wonder why the artist Julia Perez and Dewi Perssik act childish by extending their feud. Is it a way to boost their popularity, as do the artists preceding plural? There is no definitive answer about that.

To be sure, the hostility that began during the filming of Arwah Goyang Karawang played Julia Perez and Dewi Perssik. A video about the their fight appeared on the internet. Looks Dewi Persik and Jupe, so Julia Perez was called, there is room in a narrow alley. Then they fight. Originally the fight was in accordance with the scenario. But, after both slamming each other, Dewi Perssik kicking Jupe. But his shot on the empty room. Jupe was sent a reply to blows. His fights become uncontrollable.

Dog fight is deviated from the script. To the extent that a crew ran it to break up fights. The two artists's fight were also long tails. Then they reported to authorities each other. Jupe even fist fights to bring proof of these recordings to police.

The video was uploaded to Youtube site. Video duration of 5 minutes 1 second is titled "Jupe vs Depe (Requiem Goyang Karawang)."


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